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What makes a great logo?

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Starting new business or company, your logo is important in promoting your business or message. Large brands are recognized throughout the world even without text. People react faster to images than text. Therefore how can you design a best logo that will get your whole noticed?

1. Keep it simple:
The examples above prove the effectiveness of well-designed simplicity. people need to recognize your logo, Logo is a vital role in all business promotion like using in business card, letterhead, envelope, brochure, flyers, and websites. Some huge brands even use logo only, they do not use the full name.
2. Aim for originality:
It’s going to be almost impossible to design a logo that is unlike the other in the world. but you should always aim for your logo to vary from the competition and the other businesses likely to share the same market or advertising space. You certainly don’t wish your business to be confused with any other, whatever their field.
3. Make it timeless:
Don’t use a symbol or graphic based on a current trend or item that could date in five or ten years. Designs go out of date quickly. Fads disappear associated technology moves at an ever-accelerating pace. Ensure your logo will work as well or be as relevant in twenty years because it does these days.
4. Make it versatile:
Make sure your brand logo works in single as well as full color. Design a version that works well on a dark background. It helps to have a portrait version as well as a landscape version so your logo will work easily anyplace without losing impact. Does your new logo work also when reduced in size as it does when large? make sure your logo is flexible in every way.
5. Make it appropriate for your brand:
If you make kids’ toys, the font and style of your logo can be playful and light. Clearly, a different feel would be required for a law office or accountancy firm. Remember too that well over ninetieth of logos from the world’s top brands provide no indication of what the business does. The aim of your logo is to identify your brand – not explain what you do.

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