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What makes a best design for labels?

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Printed labels are a low cost, highly effective way to promote your business.
Labels can be greatly effective promoting tools. At rainplus infotech, our customers use labels for addressing envelopes or parcels label, product packaging label and all varieties of marketing and promotion. The look of your printed labels is simply as important as your other printed marketing.
While there are no hard rules for label design, there are a few tips that will help you get the most from your printed labels:

Make your label easy to read

This might sound simple, but don’t get so fixed in your design that you forget the first performance of your label. It’s estimated that your label has around three seconds to attract a possible buyer’s attention. Of course, it should include the brand and the name of the product, but ensure it can be read instantly.

Find a good balance of image and text

Any images, graphics, and fonts used should convey the perfect feel for the product and work well together. Select a font that won’t fight with the style. The fonts and imaging should look right for the product and the brand but be simple on the eye and not clash with each other.

Think about colour

A key part of label design is colour – that’s why at rainplus infotech we used latest technology printing machine for perfect color reproduction. Certain colors work well together – some don’t. while the colour and design of the label will often differ from that of the product label or package label, they should be in harmony with each other. Colours transmit information more quickly than text so colour choice is vitally important in grabbing the attention of potential customers. If the label is a part element of an overall brand, your colours should match those used in other brand marketing, like, brochures printing, leaflets printing etc. once building any brand, the same look is always important.

Contact information

It’s always best to include contact details somewhere on the label. They’ll be little and don’t need to be prominent, but it’s a good plan to let people leave feedback or check out your website. Some labels may incorporate a QR code in the design to drive traffic to websites. Your contact details can let people know who and where you are. It helps produce trust and may be an excellent way to build client loyalty.

Our labels come in a varies of types and sizes, from small size to large size, a3 size, a4 size, a5 size, custom size. Our customers use them for everything from packaging to warning signs. They’re all adhesive backed and the smaller labels are kiss cut on A4 sheets thus they’re simple to peel off and use.

Visit or contact our experienced print team today. You’ll soon have your beautifully designed and perfectly printed labels delivered to your door and ready for use!